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Raitex Smart Tech Flashlight Manual

The Sophisticated modern day flashlight. Reaching a super bright 800 lumens and sporting an adaptive zoom this smart torch is an essential no matter the situation. The Raitex Smart Tech Flashlight is a water resistant (IP44) USB rechargeable torch containing a 18650 lithium ion battery built to last and and a powerful XML U2 T6 CREE LED bulb. USB charger included.

Set Up

To activate the torch the white tab on the battery must first be removed:

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the torch with your hand.
  2. Either remove the tab if able from the top of the battery. If unable remove the battery first before removing the white tab.
  3. Once tab is removed make sure battery is back inside the torch and screw on the bottom of the torch. Your torch will now be ready to use by clicking the button on the bottom of the torch.



In order to charge the torch you will first need to slide the head of the torch forward to reveal the USB plug in point and light. Please note the torch should not be used whilst charging. Once plugged in the light will glow red if still not fully charged or green when charging is at its maximum.

Over periods of long term non use the white tab may be reapplied to the back of the battery to prevent discharge.

Adaptive Zoom and 5 Light Modes

The flashlight's adaptive zoom feature can be adjusted by sliding the head of the torch forward (for a more focused beam) and back (for a wider illumination).

The flashlight has 5 different light modes (Full, Semi, Low, Strobe and SOS). To switch between these light modes lightly double press tactical switch on the bottom of the torch. The torch will cycle between the different light modes until you arrive at the one you require.


WARNING: Do not look directly into LEDs as this may cause damage to your eyes. Waste electrical products and batteries should not be disposed of within household waster. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with local authority or retailer for recycling. Keep out of reach of children.