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The Brand

Dare the Impossible

Times have never been so different. We are out of touch with our inner adventurer, trapped in our modern day mindset with a society that tells us we 'can't'. You 'can't' run a marathon your friend tells you. You 'can't' climb a mountain your parents say. Our spirit for adventure is chipped away at from an early age until we are left with that shadow at the back of our minds, it says 'can't'.

But no more! It's time to get out there, in whatever you're doing, find what drives you, reject the 'can't' and embrace the 'can', challenge the impossible, succeed. Raitex will be with you all the way, by your side, a helping hand, an instrument of victory. Whether you dare to go, Raitex will be there, because the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure.



Raitex Limited is a British start-up established in March 2018 by our founder Jay Johnson with the purpose of equipping the nation to challenge the impossible. 

He came to the conclusion that in our modern working lives we just aren't as adventurous as we should be. We all have goals, things to achieve and yet more often than not we shy away in the deep belief that we're not worthy. We never attempt it because we feel like it would be wasted effort, like it's only possible for the few.

Our founder was an outdoorsman and found solace in raw environments and nature. He wanted to make it so that people felt empowered to explore and adventure in the outdoors, whether it be a local camping site in the UK or climbing the tallest peak of Everest. Thus Raitex was formed, a manufacturer of affordable, practical and stylish outdoor and tactical gear.

Raitex gear is there to empower you wherever your next adventure, to be by your side wherever you dare to go. Let Raitex be the start of your journey.


Our Values

Giving Great Customer Service

We strive to make our customer's feel as comfortable as possible throughout their journey of buying from us and also thereafter. From the moment you browse our products to the time you're using them we'll be with you to help every step of the way. 

Bringing Excellent Value

It is an important objective of ours to make sure the customer is presented with goods that are outstanding value for money. We want to be able to sell high-quality products to the customer at a price that is fair and affordable for all.

Empowering Our Colleagues

We're passionate about empowering our staff and developing a culture of diversity and inclusion. We want to promote a safe and encouraging work environment and give opportunities that allow our colleagues to reach their full potential.